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The following links are just a few which might provide a start for looking for additional information on the internet. This is hardly a comprehensive list but rather a collection of links that I thought were of good quality or relevant to this site. If you know of any great links to the internet, let me know so that I might take a look at them and perhaps add them to this listing.

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National Council of State Garden Clubs

Largest volunteer gardening organization in the world. Provides educational resources and networking to promote love of gardening, floral design & environmental responsibility

Texas A&M Horticulture Program


Horticulture program of Texas A&M. Master Gardener site, Ornamentals, Vegetables, Wild flowers , Question and answers The Plant Answer machine searches all the files in Aggie Horticulture, the Texas Plant Disease Handbook, and the TAMU Entomology web site simultaneously.

You may want to try also the Aggie Horticulture-Metacrawler Search Interface, an experimental tool designed to search the whole Web. Choose your words carefully or you will be buried with links! The Extension Information Resource Index contains many useful articles The site also provides links to master gardener programs in other states


Northwest Louisiana Master Gardeners

Shreveport, Louisiana Master Gardeners web page. Current activities and projects.

Better Homes & Gardens

This site Editors Choice Plant Guide has a data base which allows you to enter the type, color, light, bloom season, hardiness zone. There are maps such as a hardiness map and start-of-spring map. The Editor's Choice Garden Plans has 16 ideas of how to create gardens for different purposes such as privacy and property lines. In addition, the magazine has much general information on gardening

Plant World

The site provides for question & answers, chat rooms, information about exibitions, information and research. The references for information are quite wide.

The National Gardening Association

Frequently asked questions, gardening tips, articles. NGA's Go Garden Calander lets you know what gardening events are going in any area you are interested as well as permitting you to put your own event in the calender. There are links to plant data bases, universities, suppliers.

The Gardening Launch Pad

This list is friendly to the Home Gardener. They would like to think that their site will provide your starting point for all your electronic gardening needs. There are 3645 gardening links , 90% of which are content links not commerical links

Weed Science Society of America

The site provides a data base to all types of weeds, toxic weeds, uses and resistance to herbicides.

LSU Extension Service

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