Rivercities Garden Club

Meeting 5/2/2010

Program - Garden Tour of the Norton Art Gallery

Ms. DeHart gave the club a tour of the many garden areas of the Norton.   During the past year an area of xeroscaping has been placed behind the museum in an area where it seemed that was always dry.   Another area features native azalias.  Much of the garden is planted in azalias which is a favorite for brides and children in the spring.  Another area features vegetables tomatoes, corn, beans and is growing rapidly.   There are over 40 landscaped areas and over 15000 plants and over 100 varieties of azaleas.

It was most informative to have the garden layout discussed with the club.


Tena Hines,

Brenda McCart

O.H McIntyre

Chris Stoll

Kip DeHart

Winifred Staub

Roma Burcham



Roanne McCollister

Sheila McCorkle

Roma Burcham



(Map is from the Norton Art Gallery Web Page.)  www.rwnaf.org

The Rivercities Garden Club thanks the R.W. Norton Art Gallery for the opportunity of having a most informative meeting.



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