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Meeting 10/4/09

Program - The Intersection of Plants and Medicine

Plants have been used by humans for medicinal purposes as far back as one can go in recorded history. Not only have humans used plants is also recorded that animals have used plants as well to treat themselves.

Plants were initially used in their raw state or such as in teas. Later the contents of plans for concentrated into herbal medicines such as digitalis. Finally modern medicine has taken the substances concentrated and modified them and now appear in pure form in many of our common medicines.

The  lecture can be downloaded. The lecture contains examples of all three of these areas of medicine as well as illustrations of the plants from which the medicines were derived.

download lecture (PDF format)

download lecture (Powerpoint format)

Tom ReillyThe Speaker - Tom Reilly M.D.

Dr. Reilly is board certified in internal medicine with a specialty in geriatric medicine. He currently works in all the nursing homes in the Shreveport-Bossier area and works in Schumpert hospital.he is also an assistant professor on staff at the LSU medical school and teaches geriatrics.

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