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Meeting 4/5/2009

Program - Sustainable Gardening Practices

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Evelyn Thomas

On Using Mulch

Gardening Tricks

Facts about mulch:

A layer of mulch around trees and shrubs, bedding, and bare ground does much to improve the state of your garden.  As the mulch decays it improves fertility.  It keeps the ground warmer in winter and cooler in the summer and maintains moisture by retarding evaporation.  Trash plants don't grow, and such a layer can inhibit certain plant diseases.

Guidelines for using mulch:

For a well drained sight apply 2 to 3 inches.  If drainage is poor use a thinner layer.  Avoid applying mulch too deeply as it reduces oxygen supply to the roots.  Dont place the mulch against tree trunks.  Break up the mulch if it becomes fine and matted and replace it with new mulch.  Maintain a depth of 2 to 3 inches.  Adding limestone or shell raise soil pH.

You can cut bulbs almost in half.  When planted, it will take two years to bloom but then you can have two of a very expensive bulb.

Tissue cultures of plants results in a disease free plant.

The scales on a tiger lily bulb will develop into a new plant.

Rosemary is easy to root.  Just stick a stem into the dirt and keep it moist.

Angel trumpet is also easy to grow.  Root a cutting before the first frost.

Dogwoods need very little water at the end of the summer.

REMINDER:  The Rivercities annual picnic is on April 25 1pm at the Rose Center.  This is a Saturday.   Admission to the center is $3.00 and when you enter tell them that you are with Rivercities.


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