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Meeting 11/2/2008


Program - Cottage Gardening, Kitty Estopinal

Trees - consider the smaller trees such as crepe myrtle, dogwood, Japanese magnolia.  They add structure and color without dominating all of the space.

Shrubs - these add additional spring time color and form azalea, hydrangeas, flowering quince, camellias, buddleia and hibiscus, Rose of Sharon.

Vines - provide vertical interest.  They require support which allows addition of structures to your garden.  Wisteria, honeysuckle, and trumpet vine grow vigorously and need cutting back to prevent damage.  Much more delicate is clematis which shows off with showy blooms in the spring and sometimes in the fall.

Garden structure - Have a comfortable seat, bird baths and houses.  Water features add a nice accent.  An elevated or terraced garden will allow cascading plants along the border and softens the edge of your landscape.

The availability of sun and shade must be considered though here in the south plants which ordinarily tolerate full son will do well in some shade here in Louisiana.

A small garden will require watering.   Consider using soaker hoses as an alternative to irrigation or sweating out in the heat.

CHANGE WITH THE SEASONS   Use an assortment of perennials, biennials, annuals and bulbs.  Contrast leaf shapes and colors.  Add ferns, coleus, caladiums, Persian shield and other foliage.

Whatever your garden soil or light conditions, you can have a version of an English cottage garden right here in northwest Louisiana

kitty estopinaqlThe Speaker

MMs. Estopinal is a native of St Barnard Parish in Louisiana.  She attended LSU Law School and is now an assistant District Attorney for Caddo Parish.  She is a member of the North West Louisiana Master Gardeners.


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