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Meeting 11/2/03


Program - Therapeutic Herbs from Your Garden - Sue Crow

Sue Crow has a masters degree in nursing  and grew up in Winfield.  She has developed an avid professional interest in holistic medicine. She says that life is simple. but we have complicated things.

She said that there are over 45 institutions in the United states designed for preventive care, the staff including dietitians, physicians, experts in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  The center would complete a  plan of health for what is best for you by the end of the visit.

One thing wrong with western medicine is that some medicines come on the market too fast.  Consider a diet which gets rid of inflammatory process.  Take milk thistle and  dandelion clean out the system. The "Healing touch,"  herbs,   and naturalpathic medicine can help maintain health.

Aroma therapy, because the nerves in the nose, the effect goes straight to the brain.  Flower essence, for example Rescue Remedy, - 200 years old herbal medicine is still available  These herbs work on the soul not the body.

Herbs are like medicines and there are twenty one different groups.  They are prescriptions for nutritional healing.  For example peppermint is for lower intestine.  However if you do use herbs you to be knowledgeable about what you take because herbal medicines are not regulated by the FDA as drugs are.  There is no guarantee of the potency or purity of content of a herb.  Also there may be side effects between standard medicines and herbs such as that with primrose and antidepressants.

Can feel better just by modifying your diet to something fresh.

Ginger won't hurt you and protects your liver.  It is an analgesic, can help nausea, is an antioxidant, a heart tonic, and it can increase bioavailabiltiy of drugs.  When cooking start with ginger and garlic organic foods - you are what you eat.

Astragulus - boosts immune system.  Prevents colds, Chinese herb. No side effects.

Peppermint - good for lower gut.  Tea, altoids.

Speriment - anti inflammatory

L glutamine thickens your gut


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