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Meeting 3/2/03

Program - Growing Camellias Melvin Johnson

Mel has been growing camellias since 1954.  He began to plant seeds and now has over 300 seedlings.  Should the plant not be good, then Mel suggests grafting a good plant to the root.  He notes that it is a good time for grafting now.

There are two species of camellias, camellia japonica which wants to be a  tree and camellia sasanquia which won't do well in a house but will set seeds easily.

Growing camellias is not an expensive hobby especially if the plants are grown from seed.  Seedlings need not be covered up during the winter.  They will tolerate cold but if covered will wilt when the sun comes out.

Spray when there is a lot of scale otherwise not.  Maybe once a year in the spring but may be a second generation.

Care of camellias:


Joy of camellias:  Mel is a retired physician and for years had taken camellias with him on hospital rounds as something pleasant to share with both his patients and the hospital staff.


Soil Conditions:

Consider joining the Camellia Society, which has a yearbook as well as a novice column.


Dr. Johnson passed away 10/31/2010.  We all will miss him, his knowledge of gardening, and his kindness

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