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Meeting 11/3/02


Program - Caring for Garden Plants Brenda Cummings

Brenda Cummings is the owner of Brenda's Blossoms flower shop on Azailia Street.  She grew up in the New Orleans.   Her grandfather immigrated from  Germany 1904 to work at worlds fair.  While on the ship over he met Brenda's future grandmother who was immigrating from England.  He worked as a gardener.  Her father also was in the horticultural business having twelve green houses in Metarie and others in Mississippi.  The family also owned a flower shop.

Brenda trained as a paralegal and medical technician.  When visiting a friend in Oklahoma City whe visited the TLC nurcery and decided that working with plants is what she wanted to do.  She opened her flower shop "Brenda's Blossoms" on Line avenue then twelve years ago she moved to her present location on Azailia Drive.

In her talk "Plants how to take care and not take care of them" she mentions that she never fed a houseplant in her life.  Rotate plants inside and outside - plants may not do well by being always inside.  Look at the plants.  If yellow - too much water, brown too little water.  Consider taking the plants outside and hose them down every six months.  Don't feel bad about pitching a plant if it does poorly.  Don't let the plants' roots sit in water, and make sure that the plant is well watered if you should fertilize them.  She says she can make anything grow mostly by neglect, and suggests that at times plants don't do too well precisely because of overcare.  Watch your plant's environment so that it is neither  too hot nor too cold etc.

Use a nice container shows off your plants.  PROKON , a spray - makes plants shine.

A moss wreath can be quite pleasing - if misted routinely then they can last forever.

Off the subject of house plants, Brenda was asked what Christmas will be like.  This Christmas:

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