Rivercities Garden Club

Meeting 02/6/00

Horticulture of Gardening - Mike Hoogland

Mike Hoogland of Hoogland's Nursery & Landscape Co. a licensed landscape contractor presented the program. His talk was a wonderful capsule of the horticulture of gardening. He discussed planting trees, bushes and flowers. A discussion of gardening pests followed including aphids, fungi,slugs, and white flies and how to treat them. A garden needs perpetual care including aeration, water, cultivation, fertilization, thinning and mulches. A garden can last 12 to fourteen years at which time it must be remodeled because the growth and pruning often changes the growing conditions of the plants in the garden. Mike talked about how water can be retained in the soil of a plant. If water is poured on a plant, perhaps only 15% of the water will be retained the remainder running out of the bottom of the container. If about 1 tablespoon of soap is added then about 80 to 85% of the water will be retained.

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