Rivercities Garden Club

Meeting 2/4/2001

Program  - Flower Design - Dianne Feducia

Dianne Feudia presented an excellent demonstration and instruction for floral design at the February meeting. Dianne says that fell into flower arrangement by accident. She had decided to return to get a college degree and that she wanted to take a night course to get into practice. She called Bossier Community College for an evening college course and she took a course just for fun.

Two years later the student became the teacher. For the next seven 7 years she taught flower decoration. As Louisiana is the only state that requires a license to do floral work She designed to the course to enable the students to obtain the qualifications and skills to pass the licensing test.

The first element of floral design is the container which should provide the expression for what you want to say. It is also very easy to design in a basket.

Today Dianne demonstrated the creation of a valentine arrangement. First decide on the line. The height of the arrangement should be about 1 1/2 times the base of the container. The line should not be exactly straight. When asked about the number of flowers to be used she replied that the numbers could be 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, or 11. But this is not an absolute rule.

To preserve the flowers, you need to use a rehydrating liquid containing water, an antibiotic to protect the flowers from bacteria and fungi, and sugar. Listerine can be used as an antibiotic by using one teaspoon per gallon of water. Cut flowers from garden only in the morning and take the water with you.


This style of arrangements takes into account the concepts of space , man, and earth. This design requires the use of very few flowers. Dianne is doing an oriental style arrangement, not ichibana, and completed the design with stones that she found and a bamboo accent.

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