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Kaye Reilly presented the two speakers for the program, Paul Brussard of Oasis Pools and Gary Knippers of Knippers' Plant and Garden Service in Benton.

Mr. Brussard spoke about the design of large pools. There are three major types a) coy, b) water pond and c) Japanese. Coy ponds need to be deep as three feet. City legislation requires a fence if the pond is deeper than that. He suggests that all of the water be removed every two to three years and all sludge removed; and the pond be cleaned once a year. He mentioned that plastic liners are ok for small ponds but concrete is much better for large ponds. Waterfalls look nice and add much oxygen to the water. He suggested using half the pond for shelving for aquatic plants and the other for fish.

A useful bottom plan for the pond can be laid out by using a can of paint on the grass. The bottom profile should be similar to the diagram. Holes in the shelves can be made to place gravel for plant growth and the shelves permit placement for potted plants. The roots of the plants have to be protected from the fish by planting them in gravel or perhaps by wire netting. A surface skimmer is extremely useful to prevent accumulation of organic material in the pond.

He explained the nitrogen cycle in a pond which much be balanced. Fish -> amonia -> bacteria -> nitites ->nitrates -> plants -> back to the fish.

Water features can accentuate the beauty of a pond. The sound of the water can be modified by the texture of the material over which it flows such as stone or wood. Because ponds are designed for years, the best materials and pumps should be used.

Mr. Brussard has price sheets and booklets available and he can obtain pumps and materials if needed.

Oasis Aquatech Pools (318) 868-4740

Mr Knippers spoke about informal ponds which are generally smaller. These ponds should be natural like the pond wants to be there. A pond can be intended for several purposes such as attracting wildlife, to hear the flow of water, watch fish, or grow water plants. Water lilies can be tropical which are more fragrant and have bright blooms which can bloom either in the day or night. However, these must be protected from freezing.

Biologic filters are essential. And he says that it is important not to let the ground water get into the pool.

Knippers' Plant and Garden Service (318) 795-2904

Pool rules of thumb:

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