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Meeting 11/06/11

Program - Decorating for the season with mesh


emily making a bowfinished bowSelect the colors of mesh which match the scheme you need.  Gather the mesh into a loop then as more material is added, make the base of the bow become larger.  Then tie it off with floral wire.  Your mesh design can be used outside in the weather if you desire however you may find that the colors may fade over time.


Start with a grape vine form generally about 18 to 24 inches in diameter.  Grape vine is attractive and easy to use.  Use more than one color  Start with a floral wire to make a hanger.  Then gather the mesh and make a poof and twist the material till you make the next poof.  This allows the material to fill a more dementions and empty space.

meeting at the red doorGARDENING TIPS - DAN SMITH

For a floral Christmas, start paperwhites separating the starting 2 weeks each time.  Then when they bloom over the season you will have flowers for a prolonged period.  You can force bulbs by bringing them into the house.  They think it is summer.  In November and December look for bulb sales..  Plant them in a container for spring display.  You can put paperwhite bulbs with blooms in water with food colors and this will color the blooms.

Thanks to Richard & Myra Smith & Rebecca Collins for a great food treat.

We really appreciate the Red Door Interiors for offering their store for the club meeting and providing the demonstration for decorations.  http://reddoorinteriorsinc.com/ at 4434 Youree Drive, Shreveport, La.71105; 219-7676



emily cashThe Speakers

Emily Cash

Emily has been working at the Red Door for the last six months.  During this period of time she has shown great adeptness at floral design and has become an important member of the floral group.  She is also working on her masters degree in counciling.

Partially completed wreath

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