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Meeting 9/11/11

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table_setupToday the club met at the Barnwell for the first of the meetings for our next year of gardening activities.  We all had a great time meeting and talking with everyone that we've not seen over the summer.  And the spread of food provided by Kaye Reilly and Betty Smith was phenomenal.  Everyone who had the good fortune of attending left well fed.  And now we are ready to begin some interesting gardening projects throughout the next year.

Women’s Gardening Tips – Dan Smith

Dan SmithDan told me a short story.  He noted that most of the members attending the meetings were women.  He observed that his wife at times needed help and  noted that women have their own unique gardeneing problems that they need to solve.  So Dan is going to help them out.

 Fire ant killing Andro fire ant killing acepath  will kill ants by the following day.  Sprin;kle around the bed.  Made by Ortho Chemicals.  Check chemical name because you can find a cheaper version – just make sure the chemical name is the same.  Don’t remove the seal.  Just poke a pencil through the top to use it. 

Fall plants – parsley also cool weather plant.  Easy to plant and care of.

Time of year to look for tools replacement.  Temper of metal.  If too soft wont hold an edge or too hard will be brittle.  Edge can be sharpened.  Blades – anvil, ,  bypass (like sisors) sharpen with corundum. 


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