Rivercities Garden Club

Meeting 5/1/2011

Program - Spring Picnic and Installation of Officers

Today was the final meeting and social event for the Rivercities Garden Club. The affair was held at Aikin's Nursery.   After everyone filled themselves with great food, the installation of officers was performed.

Kaye Reilly presented herbs to the incomming officers.  It was a pleasant and informative.  Kaye also gave a short history of the progress of the National Garden Clubs.

Rivercities Garden Club Officers 2011-12 
Kaye Reilly  Tom Reilly  Dan Smith  Rwoanne McCollister  Tena Hines  Myra Smith  O.C McIntire 

Kaye Reilly presented herbs to the incomming officers .
The new slate of officers is:
    President Tom Reilly
    1st Vice President Rowanne McCollister
    2nd Vice President O.C McIntire
    3rd Vice President Dan Smith
    Treasurer Tena Hines
    Recording secretary Myra Smith
    Historian/Scrapbook Betty Smith

Special thanks to Rowanne McCollister who pulled the event together when we had less than a day to get organized because of threatened thunderstorms. 

And thanks to Aikin's Nursery who offered their meeting room to our garden club.

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