Rivercities Garden Club


Article I. The name of this club shall be Rivercities Garden Club.

Article II. The object of the Club is to stimulate the love of gardening among members, promote gardening through community projects, to protect natural flora and fauna, and to encourage city beautification.

Article Ill. Membership is open to all. Members are encouraged to become active in the Club and promote Club growth.

Article IV. Dues shall be payable prior to April 1.

Article V. Meetings will be held on the first Sunday of each month at 2:00 p.m.

Section I. Fiscal year will be April to April

Article VI. Officers and Elections

Section I. Officers of the Club shall be elected at the February meeting and will assume office at the close of the May meeting. Officers are elected for a two-year term. If any officer cannot fulfill his/her term the executive committee shall appoint a member to fill the office, to be voted on by the general membership.

Section II. A nominating committee should be composed of three embers. One member shall be appointed by the President and the other three members are to be chosen by the general membership. The members are appointed at the January meeting.

The Executive Board shall have the power to transact all business of the Garden Club during the interim between meetings. A detailed report from the Executive Board shall be read, by the Recording Secretary, at the following meeting of the club. The elected officers shall form the Executive Committee.


Officers and Duties


1. The President shall preside at all the meetings.

2. Shall be an ex-officer member of all committees.

3.Shall call executive meetings.

First Vice-President:

1. Shall preside in the absence of the President.

2. Shall act as Chairman of the Program Committee.

3. Shall accept resignations.

4. Shall be responsible for an annual Membership Event.

Second Vice-President

1. Shall act as Chairman of the Yearbook Committee.

2. Shall be Chairman of the Membership Committee.

3. Shall preside in the absence of President and First Vice-President.


Third Vice-President:

1. Shall provide gardening tips.

2. Shall write all horticultural tips from each meeting for yearbook.

3. Shall be a member of the Yearbook Committee.

Recording Secretary:

1. Shall keep minutes of all the meetings of the Club and of the Executive Committee.

2. Shall have charge of all records and papers of the Club, other than the Treasurer s book.

Corresponding Secretary:

1. Shall conduct all correspondences of the club.

2. Shall keep a complete membership list.

3. Shall act as empathy Chairman.


1. Shall collect, hold, and distribute funds of the Club as directed by the Executive Committee.

2. Shall maintain an accurate book record of all monies and transactions.

3. Shall notify all members in arrears by November 1st.


1. Shall keep Club history current.

Standing Committees

Projects Committee:

Shall chair and report monthly on the Project Committee activities. Acts as the contact for community projects.

Ways and Means:

Shall oversee the committee and all activities for fiindraising.


Shall keep current information on the website on a monthly basis.


Shall inform membership of State and National Conventions.


Chairperson shall be responsible for notifying Club members of pending meetings and activities.


Chairperson shall make application for the awards for which the Club is eligible.

Arbor Day:

Chairperson shall be in charge of all Arbor Day activities and promotions.


Shall contact general membership monthly to provide refreshment.


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