Rivercities Garden Club

Meeting 9/13/09

Program - Spirituality and Gardening

"where nothing in the garden grows, there are angels."

Sue had recently gone to the East Coast and traveled the three centers of spirituality and had the generosity to share some of her thoughts with our garden club. On the segment of her trip to the New York open Center thought a thought provoking discussion of death and dying and the quest for life was held. Spirituality is a state of one's soul. Perhaps all religion is good; "all religions belong to me."

There are four ways to live life: the first physical, the second psychological, the third mystical and the fourth spiritual.

Sue noted that the author Emerson was an American transcendentalist who believe that people should think on their own.

Spirituality is becoming aware of who we are and gardens assist in this process.


I am coming out from the wilderness

How do we know who we are?

What did I contribute to the world today?

Teach a person to be whole.


Sue CrowThe Speaker - Sue Crow R. N.

Sue Crow is a registered nurse and is the assistant to the chief of medicine at the LSU medical school. Sue is extremely knowledgeable of the spirituality of medicine which she teaches to the medical students. She is also extremely versed in the use of herbal medicines. She is a master gardener and her home has been on the master gardeners Spring tour of homes.

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