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12/10/2011 Prayer Tree

prayer tree with prayers For the Christmas season, the Rivercities Garden Club selected a project to provide a Christmas which would also serve as a prayer tree.  Family and friends of residents of Grace home have been provided a tree on which they can fasten their prayers, hopes, and thanksgiving.


Thanks to your Rivercities Garden Club for the precious gift of a prayer tree at Grace Home.  It's such a perfect idea for our families and friends that visit.  It looks just beautiful in our small gazebo and bring God's light near.


Rev. Regina Wren Chaplain


prayer tree prayer tree crew prayer table 
Tina Hines; Hope Prince  Chris Stoll, Tina Hines,
Marianne McCarthy, Hope Prince 


Oct, 2010

The club joined together to replace the planters at Grace Home.  Both the patients' families and the nursing home were very appreciative that we left leaving the home much more attractive.

Rowanne McCollister O.H. McIntyre bcollins gh4a Tom Reilly

Ann LaVere, Scotty Rogers, Donna Rogers, Chris Stoll, Evelyn Thomas, Brenda McCart, Jim Collins, Dan Smith, seated Rowanne McCollister, and club mascot, Flurry.

1 Dec. 2003

Grace Home is the residence for hospice patients and is sponsored by the St. Mary's Schumpert Medical Center.  It serves as a place where those in the end stages are their life can reside and be kept as comfortable as possible for whatever time hey have left on this earth.

The Rivercities garden club has taken as a project, an arbor where those who are able can go out and sit in the comfort and shade of living plants.

Rowanne McCollister O. C McIntyre Roma Burcham, Mr. Burcham,
 Beckey Collins
Tena Hines Tom Reilly

Grace Home ArborEvery gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle...a seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to the light, a bud straining to unfurl.

-Emily Barnes



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