Arbor Day January 15, 2010

arbor day 2010

Veterans Administration Nursing Home.

Bossier City, La

Tom Reilly, Kay Shanks, Charlotte Calhoun, Roanne McCollister, Beckey Wheeler, Ronda Durham, Chris Stoll

Today is Arbor Day—a holiday in which people and civic groups are encouraged to plant trees—is being observed today in Louisiana.

arbor day plantingFounded officially in the 1870s, by the 1920s each state had passed public laws that proclaimed a certain day to be Arbor Day   Since that first official Arbor Day 138 years ago, thousands of little ecosystems have sprouted, taken root, thrived and provided shade and shelter for generations of our ancestors.

Louisiana is one of two subtropical states—Florida being the second—that celebrates Arbor Day on the third Friday of January.The Rivercities Garden Club celebrated the day by planting two Crape Myrtles in the front of the Veterans Home in Bossier city today.  We can look forward to how the will grow over the next several years. 

Mike Hoogland of Hoogland's Landscaping company most generously donated the two trees.  318-746-8655.

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